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Review of Angel Ring

SubjectAngel Ring
ByVote: 8barfboy on 2020-11-17
ReviewLast time I played this I only played Toomi Sana route though years ago I played them all. So I'm going to be forced to mostly discuss Sana because that's who I last played.

The game scenario is fairly straightforward. Toomi Satoru saves an injured dove that fell from the sky. She fell as a girl, Mika Alestaid Heine but instantly becomes a dove which he takes home. After looking up how to care for a dove he gives her food and rest and in the morning, SURPRISE, it's a naked girl. In walks his sister Toomi Sana at the worst moment and you get what kind of game this is. The difference with this title is Mika has an 'Angel Ring' a ring necklace around her neck that glows when someone nearby is in love. For helping her when she was injured Mika promises to help him find true love. Of course immediately when his sister Sana is in the room she sets off the angel ring. Of course you, the reader, naturally understand that Sana is in love with her brother. She suppresses her feelings whenever Mika is around to keep from setting the Angel Ring off again and getting caught. It's pretty obvious though. Next Fujii Sumika sets off Mika's ring. Like Sana she hides it and as soon as she realizes what the ring is for she also suppresses her feelings whenever she's around Mika to keep herself from being caught. This comes up later If you enter either girl's routes Mika admits that she knew immediately that both Sana and Sumika are in love with Satoru but says nothing to first gauge the situation and help them along. It won't help if girls are in love with Satoru but Satoru isn't in love with them back after all. So it's out in the open from the start, the only ones who don't know this are the girls themselves that think they're being sneaky but were long ago caught.

After Mika convinces Satoru and Sana to let her move in with them they're visited by Mika's superior Kami-sama who tells Satoru that he's a great candidate for love because he's overflowing with love energy. He has the hearts of many many girls. It's eroge. The girls in love with Satoru are all eroge heroines. Satoru plays a lot of eroge. If he's not in class or talking with a friend he's at home playing eroge. Oribe Masashi is even worse, he plays eroge all day every day. That's what his handheld game console is for. Masashi and Satoru frequently go to Akihabara to buy more eroge. Sana is embarrassed that her brother plays eroge all day and is a classic tsundere because of it. She yells at him for everything and it all stems from the fact that he plays eroge and she doesn't like it. So eroge is an integral part of the game. Each heroine reacts to Satoru playing eroge differently and how they react may help you make a decision on which heroine to pursue.

Sana hates it. Sumika puts up with it. Mika gets addicted to eroge herself and especially enjoys the sex scenes. Azusa is indifferent and Mitsuru is too innocent to know what eroge is. of course Sana is deeply in love with her brother and only hates eroge because she wants him to pay attention to her and not eroge heroines. She puts up with it as soon as he enters her route and actually shows some interest in eroge herself as soon as she realizes she's won.

So the heroines, starting from my favorite Toomi Sana She is very obviously a middle school student while her brother attends high school. Not only is this obvious because of her uniform but because her school is attached to his high school and shares a yard between them. It's an escalator school and she looks forward to automatic advancement to his school when she's finished. This only makes sense between middle-high school. Her route is very sweet She's a classic tsundere. When you get on her route Mika explains to Satoru that his sister is in love with him and she's known it from the start. She pushes them together because she knows they will both be happy but does so knowing full well she's encouraging incest, which is certainly forbidden. It becomes a secret between herself, Satoru, and Sana that she's trying to make them a couple and they happily go along. Despite being a couple, Satoru and Sana refuse to have sex together for fear of incest. They masturbate together, they play with each other, once they even go so far as anal sex but vaginal sex is strictly forbidden. Both of them are suffering for it but think it's the right thing to do. Finally Kami-sama shows up and yells at Mika. What Satoru and Sana do is up to them but Mika is an angel and dammit, she should know better than sneak around trying to convince siblings to commit incest. She's god, and she's known everything from the beginning. Mika apologizes but begs Kami-sama to please not separate them. They love each other and isn't it her job as a 'Love Angel' to bring couples together in love? Kami-sama surprisingly agrees, the problem she has is all the sneaking around. Mika should have come to her from the start. What made her mad was that Mika didn't trust her.

So to settle everything she takes out a piece of paper and writes out a marriage certificate. Then she has Satoru and Sana sign it together and when Satoru points out that marriage between siblings is illegal Kami-sama says 'Who do you think I am? I'm GOD and I will force the Japanese government to accept your wedding.' She then takes the paper and goes to file it at the government office. As she leaves she says 'You don't have to have anal sex anymore, you're a married couple now. After that Sana breaks down and cries. Not only does she have her dream of marrying her brother, she's a virgin bride. She kept her virginity till marriage. She goes with Satoru to his room to give him her virginity. A married couple, a virgin bride. It's why I made the trait Virgin Bride Some people probably wonder, 'why would anybody make such a silly trait?' and this is why. If it has so much meaning to the characters, it should have enough meaning for us to add as a trait. THIS IS THE REASON I PLAY INCEST GAMES!!!!! I love it. I love it so much.

There's also a scene in the middle of Sana's route that I loved very much. A girl in Sana's class asks Sana to help her confess to her brother. This is after they've become a couple and have started to do naughty things together. Sana is very much Satoru's lover despite the two not having actual sex together at this point. Still, because of the fact that their relationship is a secret Sana is forced to go through with introducing her friend to her lover so she can confess. There's worry in her, she has no real claim on him, they're in a relationship in secret. She introduces them and just waits for the inevitable but Satoru apologizes to the young girl and tells her he has someone else he's in love with. This event just strengthen's the bonds between Satoru and Sana but makes both of them sad. They can't be a couple openly after all. This is also why it's so important at the end that they get married. So they can finally be a couple openly. Very sweet.

The next best route is Mika Alestaid Heine and it's similar to Luvriel route from Djibril and that sucks. Why? Because Just like Luvriel's route in Djibril 1 Mika must give up being an angel to fall in love with a human. When she starts setting off her own Angel Ring she realizes she's in trouble. From then on she must choose life with Satoru or life in heaven. She can't have both. She must give up being an angel and become mortal in order to love him. I don't like heroines being forced to make this choice. I wish we could have an angel who gets to keep being an angel. Just because they're in love is no reason to be thrown out of heaven. It's good drama, don't get me wrong, I just hate it. If this ending bothers you as it did me I would suggest Narukawa Iris as an alternative. She gets to have her cake and eat it too and in her case she gets to do so while committing incest with her son. Way to go girl! Despite what I thought of the ending I have to admit, Mika's route is great. Good, honest drama.

There's not much to say about the others. They're cute. They're fun. They're exactly what it says on the tin. Read what their descriptions say and go from there. My next favorite heroine though is Rukia Luminous Suiren who's dumb as a bag of hammers. She's sweet, she's honest, she's kind, she tries so very hard to be good, she's just dumb. Wonderfully, adorably, dumb.