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Review of Bunny Garden

SubjectBunny Garden
Bunny Garden
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crecius512 on 2024-05-30
ReviewBunny Garden is a 3-option dating sim in which the MC connects with serving girls at a bar, meanwhile accruing funds to drown his sorrows and form personal attachments.

I recommend this game - it's short and at times very sweet, wholesome. There is nothing to hate, and it only loses points for awkward dialogue (not translation-related). Honorable mention: a beautiful use of 3d for such a small group of assets, plus expressive CGs and an interesting surprise.

For those who don't know, you can watch countless vtubers play this, and that will give you an immediate idea.

Gameplay: you will balance money, affection and time (calendar), which adds a satisfying 'tactical' aspect, but it's all intuitive and geared towards RP rather than minmax.

As a standalone: 8/10
As a VN / dating sim: 6/10
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