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Review of Making*Lovers

ByVote: 2forever-here on 2020-11-17
Reviewestablished stereotypes sell for a reason. there is a reason why a large majority of weeb content is leaning towards the loli and younger sister types. deviating from that is a risk. this ultimately ended in failure. my worst offender is Saki's route. she's 30 years old and still acting like a high schooler going kyaa kyaa on the most mainstream of sex jokes. at age 30 I have to stress that. how does that even make sense? and moreover she tried to basically controlfreak the living shit out of MC's sexual urges. again at age 30. is this what you'd call a recipe for a healthy marriage?

adult romance will never work because ultimately age is everything. age is where you start drinking metformin or some shit for the rest of your life. and you expect the guy to pay for your meds?