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Review of Fall in Love x 4 Tune

SubjectFall in Love x 4 Tune
ByVote: 8barfboy on 2020-11-17
ReviewThis game is pure vanilla fetishism with a bunch of cute girls. There is nothing in it that should surprise or shock anyone. It's just lots of sex on the border between ero-moege and nukige. It's fantastic. I enjoyed the music very much. I enjoyed the art very much. I enjoyed the girls very much. This is the type of ero content if your mother walked in on you playing you could have a laugh and not be too embarrassed. Read the descriptions of the heroines, everything about them is contained there with no further surprises. My favorite route was Meira She can take the form of whatever girl you love most and when it's herself she breaks down in the most adorable way possible and discovers that even she can find love.. A wonderful experience without a lot of fuss. A+