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Review of Gyakuten Saiban 2

SubjectGyakuten Saiban 2
ByVote: 9usermcskull on 2020-11-17
ReviewThis game begins in the worst case of the entire series, The Lost Turnabout is an extremely clumsy case where the main character has amnesia, the villain is a complete moron who isn't even that funny, you have no reason to care about the defendant in the slightest and most characters aside from Wellington are just there to make awful amnesia jokes.

This game was extremely close to ruining the series or at least being a dud, for most people it was, heck this case made me think i was going to hate this game..

And than something happened, that something was the rest of the game.
Case 2 and 3 had such..complex villains, Ini Miney and Acro are (kinda) bad people but their lives are so sad, aside from Yanni Yogi and Gant from the first game they're the first culprits to really have any kind of depth.
Both cases are really awesome, especially case 2. The witnesses are all really fun and the mysteries (even if sily in 3) are very unpredictable.

But than came case 4...pretty early for this series to be peaking, with only about 9 cases so far, but holy crap.
I don't think I have to explain what makes Farewell, My Turnabout a masterpiece but the characters are perfect, the stakes are urgent but don't feel forced, it genuinely feels like Maya could die, the twist is the first of the series that genuinely shook me to my core (which future games would even try to replicate) and the ending.......oh man.

I don't consider AA to be an particularly sad series (it's not like Professor Layton or Pokemon SUMO), but holy crap I did cry.
Tears of fricking joy, love this game


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2020-11-17 at 18:17
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