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Review of Nuigurumer

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13371337133t on 2024-06-10
ReviewPretty good plot, a bit tedious to play though. It's nice to see this brand of comedy, haven't seen this anywhere else. Wouldn't really call this game comedy, you better take it seriously, I suspect things would've gone very grim if I didn't. They kinda did anyway, but details. One of the dolls left me starving for ojousamas.

Not sure if Nuigurumer is a good translation, shouldn't it be Nuiguruma-? Or Nuiguruma? Or Nuigurumaa? Or Nuigurumah?

I played this game because of lolicon.swf, can't say I'm disappointed. OP is pretty good too.

Quite a lot of branching in this one, pretty interesting. I probably only experienced 30% of this game. Will return to it one day.

8 000 / infinity.
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