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Review of Amanatsu

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LuckyPuyo on 2024-06-10
ReviewAmanatsu has almost everything I've ever wanted in a slice of life VN. A cozy and laidback story, colorful and cheeky characters, slow pacing that fits with the soothing ambience of the quiet town life, and a genuine heartfelt romance that hits you in the feels. Almost reminding me of certain tone work's VNs like Hoshi Ori.

Aside from a few story elements that could've been expanded a bit more in all three routes, each route left me completely satisfied. As a fan of these slower paced slice of life VNs, Amanatsu was one of my highly anticipated english translated releases, and it did not disappointed. It's one of the most enjoyable slice of life VNs that I've read and I highly recommend it to any slice of life fans out there!
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