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Review of Chigau!!!

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cheekyman07 on 2024-06-10
ReviewThis review is going to be a collection of thoughts since I had quite a few for this game. So I will put a TLDR at the end.

-Intro and general thoughts-
A playful game that does not take itself too seriously. It's pretty much a light-hearted dating sim with plenty of jokes. It felt like they enjoyed making this game. I don't know how to describe that feeling, it's like you somehow 'know' they had a good time with it, instead of it feeling soulless. Rather than pumping something out, they made something fun. Even if it's not all that great objectively.

In regards to the not-all-that-great part, there will be a lot of things I criticize about this game. So this review may look harsh, but let me say first, that I genuinely enjoyed the game.

-General criticism-
Overall, I had that feeling that the game was rushed and it's a shame. That they were not able to do all that they wanted. The game has some good strengths from it's comedy, and character back and forth. However, there's a general feeling of incompleteness or inconsistency in various areas, holes too large to ignore. With the main offenders being art, romance, drama, and heroine routes.

-Common and sol-
The majority of the game and a strongpoint. The characters have good chemistry with eachother, the interactions are well done. The comedy is abundant, it does miss the mark at times but still got laughs from me. There's plenty of random side paths to go to which vary from interesting ideas and funny instances to being kind of redundant.

First off, there are a bunch of sub-routes to go through. Quite a few of the joke subroutes are redundant and should have been cut out to be some side jokes without credit rolls, or combined into the longer sub-routes, some of which were funny.

Most of the main routes are very short, and rather weak. The only one that was executed well enough for me to enjoy was Rumi's which had a neat and charming little twist that I can only put in spoiler text.
I liked the way that they had her route lead to a subroute bad end, and then we play the route again to fix what went wrong and get the real ending. It was the only route that had me smiling at the romance, it was nicely done.
As for the others, Mei's while being a character that made me laugh had a pretty weak route. Meguri's route is messy and does not feel like much of a romance route at all because they decided to make the games meta aspects prominent here which detracted from everything else.
Then Sumire's straight-up pissed me off, context in spoiler text.
A big personal negative I have for this game is being denied a proper route with Sumire because of a dumb plot decision. Making the character vanish was really lame. It felt like they just deleted a nice heroine as a route choice to slap the reader in the face, like oh did you have a fun date with this nice heroine? shes cute right? well too bad! shes not real! no route for you. We never see her again in the game after that, despite being a cover heroine. Side characters with no sprites or va get short romance endings, not Sumire though. A character I liked and would have liked to have been there for the entire story as a heroine, but we dont get that option, not even a sub route.

Another area of praise, I liked most of them. They are quirky and have great interactions with eachother and this pretty much carries the games sol and comedy throughout the majority of the game. Rumi stands out to me, doing a good job at making one of my fave character traits humorous and adorable, and also applying it well to the only decent piece of romance and drama that I thought the game had.

I have highlighted the strengths of the writing already above, such as the comedy, dialogue, interactions. So I will skip to the issues, the romance, drama.

The drama and romance did not fit in well in this game. First off, it's abrupt and short, developing quickly at the end after the majority of the game being a sol common route. The meta aspects of the game were pretty amusing, but they should have just kept it at meta humor instead of attempting to mix it in with the drama and romantic plots of the game. It heavily undermined them and is one of the biggest reasons the romance and drama felt so weak to me. Sure it can be done well to good effect, but it was not executed well in this game. Exception being Rumi's route, it was not so intrusive in hers.

-Art and Gui-
Lack of art. Many if not all side characters don't have art and are just outlines, the game is lacking in this area, as well as cg's. Considering the game has decent quality for the most part with good art for the heroines sprites, a clean and smooth gui, and voice acting it seems like a very strange exclusion. For me, that's a bad area to cut corners on and I think the game would have been a lot better with more fleshed-out art. They probably had limitations and constraints which is understandable since its a small group, but it still affected the game so it must be mentioned.

- TLDR Conclusion-
To sum it up, what they did have I enjoyed quite a bit and it made me laugh. Just be aware that there is a general unfinished feeling to the game that made it difficult to ignore weaknesses. Despite my criticism, I see some promising aspects done well here that could lead to greater VN's being made by this group in the future if they can remedy these issues.
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