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Review of Save The World

SubjectSave The World
Save The World - Steam Edition
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Cryolite on 2024-06-11
ReviewIt's got that kind of story that makes you think; the kind that can shift your perspective if you would only allow it to do so. It's makes you see things under new light, and it gives you the opportunity to decide what to do with (or at least influence) that newfound angle. Additionally, while it has a sparse amount of cg images, it is made up for in full by their quality.

I may not have played a terrible amount of visual novels yet, and maybe that makes my review fall on deaf ears. Regardless, I hope you give this game a chance. I mean, one of the characters usurped the position of my favorite character from a fictional media, a feat I had previously thought impossible.

I'll stop my tangent here. I really hope at least one person reads this and gives it the recognition it deserves.
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