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WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow
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Saliowo on 2024-06-12
Reviewnice remake of the original! there r some aspects that needed fix but overall its very good! ogata rina = goddess in this game. Yuki is a good gf but rina who throws away her idol life for the mc is just top notch. i am also in love with her voice and her songs like powder snow and sound of destiny
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#1 by RiellMasamune
2024-06-12 at 09:10
< report >"Yuki is a good gf .."
Yeah except that she basically cheats on the MC on first occasion because of selfish reasons lmao. Like it was even stated that if Eiji didn't stop her they would have gone all the way.

Made me instand drob this garbage. Didn't help that I played her route first though but I don't understand people who give high ratings to this dumbster fire of a VN.

The routes are utter chaos and without a solid guide you will not achieve anything here. I wouldn't even give it a 4.