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Review of Tsukihime

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smalltalk on 2024-06-12
ReviewTsukihime is an amalgamation of Nasu's Evangelion-inspired writings. The story frames itself through Shiki’s eyes, using a lot of initially unexplained supernatural events to build tension and a sense of unease. These events lead into the game’s first climax, which is very entertaining. Afterwards, the story slows down and diverges either into Ciel’s route or Arcueid’s route.

Arcueid’s route is simple and has many holes in its story made by the other routes. Ciel’s route juggles the cast well, has an entertaining plot, with multiple layers of conflict that come together well. Ending for both routes are good. Some scenes could've been cut to get there faster.

Other three routes following Akiha, Kohaku and Hisui serve as a glorified landfill for Nasu to dump exposition. They’re very bad.
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