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Review of Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o: Interstellar Focus

SubjectMiagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o: Interstellar Focus
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Vote: 9.6
AngeVNs on 2024-06-12
ReviewThe Miazora/Sky Full of Stars series is one of the most wholesome and funny moege slice of life series I've ever read, the perfect type of slice of life that I personally enjoy and wish we got more of in weeb mediums.

However, if there was one flaw I had with the Miazora series before the Interstellar Focus fandisc, especially the original, was the underwhelming romance for the childhood friend routes. While the melodrama made sense, it detracted too much from and brought down the wholesome vibes that every single other route in the series nailed perfectly.

Thankfully Interstellar Focus solves my problems with the childhood friends' romance and then some. I'm generally not into polyamory/3some romances, but for the main characters Akito, Hikari, and Saya, with their history a 3some romance just made too much sense.

The main story revolves around this 3way romance and while there's some light melodrama as one might expect a guy suggesting a 3some relationship in a relatively down to earth setting, it doesn't stick too long and actually gets resolved in a pretty wholesome way (especially Akito charging up some chad energy).

Thankfully most of melodrama is resolved in the first 30 minutes and the rest of the game is almost pure fluff in the best way. It brings back the excellent interactions the 3 childhood friends have had in the original game with a romance tinge, them figuring out how to balance a 3way relationship, especially since it's all 3 of their FIRST relationships period in this timeline.

If you're worried about this becoming a nukige or sex heavy game thankfully all the H scenes are saved at the way way end and actually had proper build up in a way.

For those who read the series for the stargazing aspects there's still a decent amount of importance of that.

I also really liked how the side characters are handled. Despite their romance/development being done in other routes, most of them get just a bit more development to flesh out some of their motivations, and also seeing their funny reactions to the new odd 3some relationship.

This is especially true in the "Quiz" Minigame that gets unlocked after the main story, which I 100% recommend people do.

It has a cute side story of the 3 underclassmen making a game to get new members to join the Six Stars Club. Most of the super short Quiz Segment is seeing the funny fictional story within the game.

You have to solve some astronomy trivia questions to get 5 minute epilogues for the non-main trio, and I loved these. While very short they show segments of what many characters were up to during the main story, getting to know just a little more about them, including characters who don't even get a role in the main story like Narue, Noriko, and Orihime.

In a way, Interstellar Focus is the perfect send off for the Miazora / Sky Full of Stars series (and honestly Pulltop and Konno Asta eroge as well). It gives what I personally consider the true canon ending for the childhood friend trio, while also giving some love to the side heroines to show how important they were.

It just does everything I'd want in a moege (fandisc): wholesome slice of life writing, decent enough relationship development, great authentic character interactions, solid pacing, and pretty good humor (though they could used a bit less pervert jokes).

Unless you REALLY don't like polyamory relationships, if you've made it far in the Miazora/Sky Full of Stars series... heavily recommend checking out Interstellar Focus.
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