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Review of Hello Lady! -New Division-

SubjectHello Lady! -New Division-
Hello Lady! - Complete Edition 18+ Patch
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LostPomegranate on 2024-06-13
ReviewThis review covers ONLY New Division - the Mitori and Hishia routes. There will be extremely light spoilers for the main Hello Lady - all of which should've been covered in the common route of that VN.

If you're buying Hello Lady after this review has been written, you're likely buying the complete edition of the VN and therefore you'll have New Division included with it. If you're - for whatever reason - buying Hello Lady separately, I would recommend picking up New Division as it is probably my favorite fandisc I've experienced.

New Division covers only the Hishia and Mitori routes, and starts within the very last portion of the common route on both. I won't be going into much detail regarding things that are primarily a part of the main Hello Lady, but focusing almost entirely on the two routes present in the fandisc. I'm incredibly impressed by this fandisc as instead of just after-stories or quick add-ons of other characters they actually bothered to write what was largely two completely fresh routes - that while shared commonalities with others were stories that stood on their own.

Hishia is the protagonist's maid and partner in his plot for revenge. Her primary purpose in the original VN is comedic relief and support for the protagonist. This route changes that somewhat and fleshes out her character to an impressive degree. It provides enough depth to the character that it actually gives me a much better impression of both her and the protagonist, especially of their journey to the primary VN's setting and time. Her route shares a lot of commonalities with Saku's route in the main VN while not spending much time going over the same information as well as doing so from Hishia's point of view rather than Narita's. It's a welcome change as well.

Mitori is where I feel this fandisc really shines though. They took a sort of one-note character from the primary VN - the fancy ojousama who does her job as a Crown - who disappears immediately near the end of the common route and made them a fully fleshed out character with drive to their actions. As of writing this review this is my favorite route of in both Hello Lady VN's - although I have not read Superior Entelecheia. My only complaint is that - very light spoiler if you're sensitive - if it had ended approximately 15 minutes earlier it would've been an absolutely beautiful route with a very memorable ending, but it was continued for the happy end, which is understandable, but I feel greatly diminished its impact.

I can't recommend this fandisc enough to anyone who enjoyed the main four routes of Hello Lady. Even if you think the first four routes were merely mediocre, I personally think Mitori's route is the best so far (of six completed) and Hishia's is likely the third best (behind Mitori's and Sorako's), so I would recommend still reading New Division if you own it through the complete edition.
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