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Review of Sanzen Sekai Yuugi ~MultiUniverse Myself~

SubjectSanzen Sekai Yuugi ~MultiUniverse Myself~
ByVote: 4.5eschasintra on 2020-11-19
ReviewBadass protagonist, interesting futuristic concept and mystery/action elements which lead up to a huge ball of disappointment. This novel had a lot of potential and a captivating cast concept which was ruined by its poor execution and its excessive reliance on infodumping as a part of the plot among other things.

Interesting concept of an Otome which makes you able to enjoy the story as a third-party viewer due to the MC having sprites and being voiced, being able to read MC's inner monologue makes us understand her as a character and her personality way easier than if one were to self-insert. Liking Tomoe's seductive and unusual personality -or not- would be another debate that should have no place in a review if one were to stay objective, but it is a shame that her personality overshadows other cast's personality as they are pretty one-dimensional -if not straight up bland- compared to her, even compared to the final boss. Those characters only serve a purpose in Tomoe's mission depending on the route you pick and their whole personality is fueled by their current goal or mission.

Rather than seeing the male cast grow in maturity or achieve their mission, they support Tomoe in her own mission -which will eventually lead to the True End- and it is a shame that we don't see more of their inner-thoughts. The romance part is awkwardly executed and feels unnatural, makes you wonder if they should've just straight up opted for an action novel rather than trying to insert romance parts. Arguably one of the most awkward H-scenes I've read as well, you shouldn't consider reading this work if your only aim is romance and 18+ scenes.

This interesting futuristic plot concept is unfortunately pretty much only consisted of infodumping which varies depending on the route : the dialogue consists of infodumping, the inner monologue consists of infodumping, the narration consists of infoduming, plot twists consist of infodumping...Which makes the whole script really monotone even if we ignore the fact that the mystery is really obvious and easy to guess. Other than that huge flaw, the combat scenes are alright, a bit plain to my tastes.

All this build-up eventually leads to the True End and the conclusion to Tomoe's final journey, the cast serve a purpose in her mission as if they were her pieces and the most anticipated final boss that Tomoe has been mentionning in every single route...Isn't there. They simply don't appear in the True End except for some small part, they barely have any screentime which pretty much contradicts the whole point of the plot.

Sanzen Sekai Yuugi is a ruined concept due to its poor amateurish writing accentuated by the lack of personality in the cast : I wouldn't recommend this visual novel if you're easily bored and expecting romance parts. If you're aiming for the 18+ aspect, simply skip it as it does not matter at all and plays a ridiculously small part in the script. If you're fond of action and mystery, but gets annoyed when you easily guess the outcome, and you're tired of cheesiness, skip it as it would pretty much ruin your experience like how it did for me. If you can overlook all those flaws mentioned, why not, but naturally I wouldn't recommend it for avid Otome lovers in general.