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Review of AI: The Somnium Files

SubjectAI: The Somnium Files
ByVote: 7lucifermeo on 2020-11-19
ReviewAI The Somnium Files has a great plot. I thought the twist and wrap-up of the main mystery was very satisfying, and although there are many "branches" the different events can realistically all happen, i.e all characters are consistent across routes. I really like the presentation, it's very innovative for a VN and well done for the most part, plus the 3D models are very immersive. Puzzles are more trial-and-error, but very fun.

However, I had a hard time with the characters in the game. I can see efforts put in them, they're not flat characters, but I can't really care for anyone. Not a single character in the whole game. It's very personal, but it's undeniable it affected my enjoyment of the game.