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Review of Koiiro Chu! Lips

SubjectKoiiro Chu! Lips
Koi iro Chu! Lips
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LostPomegranate on 2024-06-16
ReviewKoi iro Chu! Lips is not good. It's also not the worst thing I've read. It was decent enough that I actually got through the entirety of it without any major incidents. With that said, the only people I would recommend this VN to are huge moege fans and those who have nothing else left to read.

Koi iro Chu! Lips suffers from a few issues. The cast overall is subpar: the male friend is obnoxious and has zero redeeming characterists and the female friend - despite not being on screen that much - is arguably the best character in the VN. The heroines vary from "meh" to "she's annoying". None of them are standouts in their characterizations or their routes. There are five heroines present, and they fit fairly well into stereotypes - tsundere, kind sensei, shy girl, energetic girl, super deredere girl.

Past the cast issues, the humor mostly misses the mark as well, which can make the read a bit hard at times. The routes are also fairly standard for a moege of this caliber, there's a problem to deal with in each route, and they are dealt with, but not always in a remotely satisfactory manner, and there's some flirting and H scenes (3 per route) along the way. Biggest thing I was pleasantly surprised by in Misaki's route was the presence of an optional yuri scene where the MC is watching. I never expected something like that in a VN like this.

Overall Koi iro Chu! Lips is serviceable. It's worth a read if you're a big moege fan (and I am). It's not good though. I don't feel like I wasted 14 hours to read this, but I do still feel like I could've spent my time better in many ways.
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#1 by ohnonottome
2024-06-18 at 06:27
< report >weirdly happy to see someone else that has suffered through Chu Lips. its an interesting (not flattering!) snapshot of the 2000s era
#2 by usagi
2024-06-18 at 12:24
< report >I am still wonder why unofficial translation groups picks such obviously subpar vns for translation when there are tons of famous old "hidden gems" from the same time period - if you are that concerned of possible legal issues with modern ones. Something like Boku to, Bokura no Natsu for example.
#3 by LostPomegranate
2024-06-18 at 15:30
< report >#2, the TL for this literally answered this question when they did it with something along the lines of "I was really bored". It's also worth noting that the TL took some liberties with it and there are typos / grammar errors / etc., so the TL was also likely just having fun with it knowing that next to no one would get that upset about Chu! Lips getting a subpar translation. When it's a fan TL I rarely call the issues out in the review unless it's ridiculous.

My opinion is pretty much that if a group wants to do a fan TL of something I'm going to mostly just be thankful someone brought another VN over. Who knows, opinions are subjective, maybe the TL actually really loved Chu! Lips.Last modified on 2024-06-18 at 15:33