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Review of Our Life: Beginnings & Always

SubjectOur Life: Beginnings & Always
Our Life: Beginnings & Always
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LuckyMuddypaw on 2024-06-16
ReviewWhere do I start, how do I even put this into words? As someone who is autistic, being able to have full representation like this made me cry. Not only Do I get to grow up with Cove, who I see so much of myself in as someone who is also autistic and have divorced parents, but I truly get to shape my own character into exactly who I want to be, with no consequences. There is a little bit of every representation in this game, which really adds to the feeling of how diverse and unique the characters all are. I have all the dlcs except the other route ones, and it is unbelievable small choices you made end up being remembered by the characts all the way through the game. I cried A LOT. Mostly starting around step 3, and then again at the very very end of the game. Step 3 is very emotional, and deals with the whole transition from childhood to adulthood, and all the excitement and fears that it brings. Every moment is wonderful, and the creators made this game with player enjoyment as the number 1 priority, and it shows. The saddest moment is when I finished the game and was greeted by the title menu again. The melody that plays in the background felt so melancholy and nostalgic, I couldn't stop being sad it was all over. You really do feel like you lived in the small town by the beach with your neighbor Cove, and it is so immersive you feel like you just lived an entire lifetime worth of memories. TBH I can hardly believe that there are not more 10/10 reviews on here, because it is too perfect. Just go over to the steam store to read the reviews there. I would seriously do anything to be the protagonist of this game, just a life with the most perfect sweetest neighbor to grow up and fall in love with could not sound any better to my romantic heart. Cove please let me find someone like you someday who will laugh with me and cry with me and be with me through thick and thin. <3
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