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Review of Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~

SubjectSubarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~
Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ Full Content Patch for Steam
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cyrano on 2024-06-17 last updated on 2024-07-21
Review6/4/24 | This is the day I've started seriously reading Subahibi.

Updating this after every chapter, then once I'm done with it entirely, and finally a reread review at a later date. | Spoilers obviously btw

Done with the first chapter! Here's my thoughts: Overall, this chapter was pretty mid until the ending of it. I do think most people could agree with me on this take unless it's suddenly genius on a reread(which I hear a lot) so take it with a grain of salt. Down the Rabbit Hole I was full of generic slice of life with the final part of the chapter enticing me heavily. As for the message I gained from this chapter, (once again take with a grain of salt these are MY thoughts so yeah...) Pseudo-existentialism which is the belief of having the power to decide your fate. Using the internal world, the world that's made of how we perceive information and the external world that is made of the concrete information that we are forced to interpret to express this idea. I really enjoyed this chapter a lot and I have a video going more in-depth (though it has a lot of typos that I don't feel like fixing) I think you should check it out if ur curious. / Video Link: link

Favorite Quote: "I exist if I desire it, huh." - Minakami Yuki
Took a bit, but I'm done with the second chapter of Subahibi, DTRH2. This chapter was absolutely amazing in my opinion and definitely 100x more entertaining than the first. The pacing was a lot faster than DTRH1 and allowed for a much easier reading experience that kept me engaged throughout the entire chapter. The introduction of Mamiya's character and his cult's goals were amazing. And the introduction of the chapter tying into the conclusion presenting the idea of reaching the limits of the "world" and becoming the limit of your own was cool as shit. This chapter definitely focused more on the plot unlike the first chapter, which focused more on introducing the characters and basing some philosophical values. Honestly, I really liked this chapter and I am REALLY excited for chapter 3 and I'm starting it tmrw.

Favorite Quote: "The limit of the world would become the limit of my world."
After many times considering dropping the game, I have finally finished the entirety of It’s My Own Invention. This review will consist of my opinions, overall thoughts, and minor overview of my favorite sequence. First of all, I would like to preface my biggest issue with this chapter that almost resulted in me dropping the game entirely (as petty as that is). The overwhelming amount of sex scenes that nearly made the novel unreadable. The sexual assault of Takuji, Kiyokawa engaging in incest with her father, the two very unnecessary futanari scenes, and Kagami getting crucified? Some of these parts made me believe Scaji had to have been on the elixir whilst writing some of this stuff. Anyways, enough with my rambling about the negatives, now we can derail and discuss the big positives of this chapter. Takuji was easily my favorite part of this chapter as the protagonist was handled extremely well in my opinion and his mental conflicts were surprisingly realistic in some aspects considering his savior complex. His character was undoubtedly the subject focused on the most in this chapter and Scaji pieced together this character impeccably in my opinion. Takuji’s dialogue and monologue were absolutely beautiful and I found it to be comparable in quality with characters like Okabe and Araragi, which is an insanely impressive feat considering my high praise of these characters. Also, one thing I’d like to touch on that I didn’t in my previous videos is Scaji’s writing. There’s something almost euphoric with some of the scenes that Scaji is able to manifest into the novel and I can’t help but talk about how beautiful his writing is at some moments. For example, the unhappy meal, Takuji’s full acceptance to the position of the savior, and the sequence depicting an angel and the desire to protect her during her final song. On the topic of beautiful scenes, I’d like to talk just a bit more about the unhappy meal because It’s unironically my favorite sequence in Subahibi so far. The artistic creativity Scaji took during the unhappy meal scene was absolutely stunning. Also, The absurdity of the visuals and the sequence itself–was in a very literal way, enchanting. Now, the true end and the Kimika end were extremely different and provided solid conclusions to the chapter, but I feel that there is a clear winner in which was better. As for what I thought was my favorite ending, I think I can confidently say that the true end was what I preferred and that the Kimika End simply served to further deepen and dissect her character. Overall, this chapter was really good and it made me want to go on to the next chapter immediately and I plan to start it by the time I post this.

Favorite Quote: "I am not human... My existence has surpassed humanity." - Mamiya Takuji
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