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Review of AIR

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SayoriCass on 2024-06-17
ReviewAir, My first visual novel from Key and the first visual novel I would write a review on this website.

The story cruise off in a roller coaster of a journey which left me in a mix of agony and happiness. Each Dream Route is a story which left me with something I would dabble with myself every night and every shower sessions. I am left speechless every routes. It felt with every heroines I play, I felt something, I felt attached. Despite their opposing personalities notably Misuzu who is a loner but still tries her best, Kano who is a very extroverted and outgoing person who loves journey, and Minagi who is a very shy and calm character. In hindsight. These interactions would help set the stage for what is to become the true ending of the story, The story that revolves the Winged Kanna and its connection to one of our heroine(Misuzu) and how the character of Misuzu shown every bit of her personality and the sacrifices she has to endure as being a cursed individual.

She was meant to be dead, it is ill-fated, But despite it all, she died happy, she died with everyone fulfilling something. Yukito fulfilled his work to relinquish the curse of Kanna(Though implied), Haruko finally experienced how it feels to be a parent after neglecting Misuzu for her entire lfe, Kanna being freed after 1000 Years of Ago. Ryuuya and Uraha, though obviously dead, would have their dreams come true after a lot of grueling years in the making. and lastly. Misuzu, despite being cursed, despite being alone all her entire life, She became happy, even at the cost of her life. This is beautiful, heart-wrenching, Deserving any recognition it gets. I finished the game though bittersweet, atleast it isn't bad.

This could have been a 10 though I have to admit, it's not perfect, It's fast paced for me but we could easily ignore that. The reason why I deduct the point was because the ending mostly just recycled most of the dialogue in Misuzu's Route and the ending were heavily implied and confusing instead of being clear. Though I finished the game in a warmful note. Imperfections still linger in my mind. It's a shame that such caliber of a visual novel in terms of Music(Fun fact, my old headset's starting music is Air Track 24: Wing), writing, plot, characters, would end such a polarizing ending in my opinion. Still, I love it and it's excellent and would still include the ending even if I'm the developer. I understand what route they were getting into. The anime did the ending justice which made the whole thing connect into a bigger picture but this is the VN we are talking about. Without further ado, This was an marvellous, excellent read. It truly deserves to be made by one of the most influential team of writers who set in stage the genre of visual novels we have today. It's ahead of its time and didn't felt outdated as what many people say(I disagree, I think this is not outdated).
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