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Review of Amanatsu

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theaugusthail on 2024-06-17
Review⭐ Amanatsu is a classic take on a pure-love Summertime Romance, with lots of iconic seasonal moments.

• Dedicated to being a pure-love slice of life romance
• “Manzai banter” reactionary style of comedy; very similar to SMEE’s comedy style
• Kogane’s route has the most noticeable depth
• Chibi CGs are super cute

• Story can feel “aimless” at times because of its specific type of romance
• Overusage of “adding sound effects on top of comedy jokes”
• Serviceable premise and setting but doesn't do much to offer its own unique spin or creativity

To anyone looking for a pure-love slice of life romance with that sprinkle of comedy on the side, Amanatsu is a ok pickup.

Full Review here: link
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